As you may know Penzance became the UK’s first official plastic free town in 2017 and we are very committed to being part of this. This initiative is supported by and part of the charity SAS (Surfers against Sewage) and now No.38 has its ‘Plastic free status’.

So …. some things we do a little bit differently and we hope you’ll get onboard with supporting us and in turn helping the environment.

  • We only use a single environmentally friendly cleaning product called Koh. Awarded the Allergy UK Seal of Approval.
  • Milk is provided in recycled glass bottles.
  • Your biscuits and the bathroom soap are Fairtrade and bought through the charity Traidcraft.
  • The teabags are Clipper organic Fairtrade as they are the only brand that does not contain plastic.
  • We use Ecover washing powder and no conditioner (better for our oceans).
  • Where possible our laundry is air dried. This may mean your towels are not quite as fluffy as you might be used to! However Cornish water is nice and soft so we hope they’re not too scratchy.
  • The bathroom bins have a 100% biodegradable bin liner and the room bin is paper.
  • We don’t use single use toiletries and refill the bodywash/shampoo on site.
  • The loo roll is from ’Who Gives A Crap’. They donate 50% of all profits to building toilets in the developing world. All the loo roll is made from 100% recycled paper.
  • We can provide you with canvas shopping bags and glass water bottles. Please just ask.